Strengths-based team coaching

Are you the leader you want to be?  Is your team engaged, productive, and do you have fun at work? Using CliftonStrengths as a starting point, help uncover and develop your team's greatest talents, and re-energize and re-invigorate your team!

Focusing on talents and strengths is the easiest way to increase fulfillment. Getting to do what you do really well on a daily basis, has been proven to lead to higher engagement, productivity, and yes, fun!

I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, (have been certified since 2014) and can help you leverage your strengths, create a positive, energized culture and thrive individually and as a team. I love supporting you as the leader, and can provide team facilitation, ongoing coaching, and Strength check-ins to ensure you continue to grow and create the results you are looking for! Schedule your coaching debrief now!


Workshops/Retreats/Team Building

I love designing workshops to meet your team needs...  1/2 & full day options available.

Individual, corporate, and not for profit coaching packages are available, and include appropriate assessments for your particular circumstance.

Contact me to design your Strengths-based workshop and team building session at

I also am certified in the Hogan Assessment, MBTI, EQi and EQi 360, for on-going coaching, if you are interested in those as well!


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