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…“I like to see the human spirit triumph in spectacular ways!” Joe Rogan

I have always been curious about people—who they are at their core, what motivates them, inspires them, how they respond to challenges, and what helps them move forward, both as individuals and in groups. I get goosebumps remembering the triumphs I have witnessed…the amazing ways people pick themselves up, achieve something they set out to do…finish the race, tackle the challenge, survive the loss, and often against all odds and the toughest ‘goes’ imaginable!

I haven’t lived out the “perfect” life that I envisioned as a child; finish school, fall in love, get married, have lots of children, and work in a fulfilling career as a teacher until retirement, when my husband and I would ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Well that was working for a while, and then unexpectedly, life took a detour, and I had to turn to Plan B…a plan I had never even remotely considered.

Life then took some twists and turns, ups and downs, and I have now become an expert at changing things up, reassessing, and consciously choosing how to navigate the waters of a rapidly flowing river, and choosing the next destination, metaphorically speaking! I have learned what to rely on when things go sideways, (and they will at times) how to take that first step, what that first step might look like, and like a trail runner in the woods, check the compass once in a while, see if you’re still on track, and not be afraid to double back, or take the path less traveled. And guess what, there is always a silver lining, and new adventures to embrace!

I have worn a lot of hats in my life, and experienced many changes, and instead of apologizing for that, I now see that as a strength and special gift.

Life is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” Epictetus

Now, my life’s work is to help people and teams navigate their challenges and bumps in the road, to find clarity, purpose, and zest for their particular life and situation. We are all on our own journey and I want to help you make the most of yours!  Change doesn’t scare me so much anymore, well maybe sometimes it does, but you have to “feel the fear, and do it anyways!”

I love helping you create your best life - the new version of you that is always evolving!  

But right now, are you facing some sort of decision point, some change, or new reality? Or are you about to?

  • is your day job keeping you stuck or is retirement looming and you just aren't sure what's ahead, so it's easier to just stay put?

  • have you just experienced a personal loss, or change of relationship, and are not sure how to move forward?

  • did you just receive the pink slip which, for the first time in your life as a professional, your achievements, intelligence, and success don’t seem to matter? 

  • Or, maybe you are a new grad who thought you had landed a dream job, but unfortunately, your boss is a control freak and micro-manager and you need to get out, and fast!  

  • You might be the one who didn’t choose an education with a clear cut career path like engineering, nursing, or education, and are now serving coffee at Starbucks with the degree you had such hopes for! 

  • Or you did choose a career path like engineering, nursing, or education, and it’s not at all what you envisioned

  • Alternatively, you are the one leaping up the corporate ladder and need to clarify your career plan, and quickly, as opportunities are coming fast and furiously and you want to choose your best options…

Take a deep breath….

Sometimes the hardest part of any decision point, is to take a pause and really assess what you really want next. Many of us just stumble forward, in a bit of a blind panic, trying to move away from something bad, rather than towards something they actually want. Or sometimes you have a few good options to choose from, but how do you possibly decide which one will be the best?

Sometimes you want to just leap forward, and I get it, and have done it, but what if you could take a breath, and consciously choose your next step? What might be different?

 By bringing your whole "conscious" self to everything you do, you too can live life with clarity, purpose, and zest!

As your life strategist, I can help you create a plan for your life - based on the strengths, skills, and the experience you bring to the table. We can design, or re-design your perspectives, utilizing your strengths and experiences, understanding what’s important to you, to find clarity, define your why, so you can triumph in spectacular ways, too!  

If you are a leader of a team or organization, don’t despair and think you have come to the wrong place. By starting with self-awareness, strengths, and values, together we can create an invigorated, engaged, strengths and values-based group, all rowing in the same direction. Knowledge of self is key here! Check out my team page and see some of the options for working with me!

I have lots of experience, credentials, and certifications in teaching, human resources, coaching, career strategy, change management, and personal development, which you can find here, but basically rest assured, I can help you figure out your next steps, how to navigate that large boulder, or stretch of rapids, find what is profoundly satisfying for you, what sets you free, and lights you up, and create a plan for your amazing life. Yes, you can do this!

What is calling you? It’s not about who you are now, but who are you becoming… 



i unequivocally recommend...

"I unequivocally recommend Deb as a leadership coach. She is authentic, insightful, knowledgeable and supportive. I wanted to step up my leadership abilities and ensure I was being authentic. Deb helped me to gain a deeper awareness of my values, passions, strengths and areas for development. With this deeper self-awareness I am more confident and very comfortable being who I am and am positive that these make me a better overall leader. I feel that working with Deb has been beneficial to both my career and personal life". 

— s.r.

an integral part of my journey...

I am the distinct beneficiary of an “aha” moment in my life...I find out more about why I do and do not do things, and I am more clear about who I am".


a lifeline...

Deb’s coaching has been a life line in a sea of turbulent waters.  She is inquisitive, caring, motivational and recharging.  Deb listens and guides through the background work that is part of your own self-discovery.  I would highly recommend anyone considering a transformation to consider Deb in your development".